home two hours late

four beer contemplation
standing at a lean, in the hallway,
snow boot yeti

holding the Polaroids, stumbled up off the floor
left there finger printed jiffy pop greased

my stares dilated, seven position, comic sutra,
like witnessing a pep rally cheer panty accident

nightlight glare 3D-ing fiancé wait and boredom,
romance after bath skin, taffy pull white,
shiny naked like Super California

skewed poses, titillating teased
each one slightly more forward, into sexy amusement
my momentum aesthetic,
swung out on curves, German motorcycle side car,
like a fast rumor

flipping back fast through the pics, noticing
overlook campy

swinging ends of stocking cap pigtails

peach cream smooth,
her breast 99% of all rhythm everywhere

some exposures capturing just a piece of a smile
can almost hear the giggles,
all attitude, gas tank sugar divorcee

bellybutton treasure trail,
twisted nerve,
anytime baby inclinations

to myself, fire eater whispers like a mean it,
like passwords

blood surge,
mind spinning Hoover dam turbine blade
feeling like I’m eight years old with a pocket full of

opening the bedroom door, dirty waltzer
to wake her up,
for a lease breaker…

then a couple of night nurse cigarette, go agains

Charlton Metcalf is a songwriter and poet from Minneapolis MN. His most recent works can be seen in various journals in print and on the internet. He is a published songwriter of many genres www.charltonsongs.com. He is a musician with the bands Lavabloom and Sonic Cucumber. He is also the founder of the Red Dragon poetry group. (charltonpoems@yahoo.com)

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