Dear Nozomi, I will arrive to the destination first

bullet this train ride
iím asleep in the sleek
sunlit. blue blitz,
high speed, no time.
blue blitz, raid!pace -
speed into                           summer,
the heat                platoon.   back home
                monsoons and heels make up
the subway aura.               bullet this train
ride thru blue                    backwaters,
asleep and waking to
industrial            ambitions,
industrial designs,
the bullets that are in my dreams.
in my dreams
thereís the           terminal, train,
              populations,                   balloons,
leaflets,  terminus.            asleep
in car 10, 11 a.m.              bullet
this train on and on -
to a seaport, by the seaside,
by the
yellow sea - the train
to the
yellow sea.
blue blitz to stop at the lit
terminal,           swarms in the heat
blurring the terminal,
                         after 267 miles long.

Cristiana Baik currently completing her MFA at the Univ of Alabama in poetry. Her work has been published in RealPoetik, Word for Word (upcoming), >Little Red Leaves (upcoming), and Jacket. She desperately misses the city and Pacific, and hopes to find herself in/by one or the other soon. She also runs a small press with Sara Wintz called ::: the press gang :::. (cristiana.baik@gmail.com)

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761