The Making of a Girl Goddess

Today in Nepal Matani received approval. Rice flowed
onto her godly head. Hail Kumari

as the cranes swoop low over the barley fields.
November caught us showering, mosquitoes

funneling the outhouse. Koran inscribed
on a grain of rice. Take it or leave it

with a grain of salt. A girl is tinder,
tinsel, sinews wrapped too tight. Her keepers

unskein their polyester hoods, the hives ahum
with spawning. That year the bees lost their way home.

Nectar pools in amber pellets on the bark, incredulous
to bleed. I lick your fingers pending further orders.

Once the bark is nicked the tree will drain away
in a hot pool of syrup. 'Tis sweet to die? Ask Daphne.

Her eyes were loon wings. Dew pooled
on fern fronds, snubbing inadequate ablutions.

Our tolerance for ceremony ran dry by noon.
Fallow be your heart, barren your furrow.

Asya Graf has previously published poetry, short fiction and literary criticism in Anderbo, Best Poem, Vestal Review, Comparative Literature and Paroles Gelees. She currently lives in NYC and teaches high school English in the Bronx.

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761