Korea 4

Janos Lanyi was born in 1937, in Budapest, Hungary, and grew up during the difficult years of World War II and then the communist system that engulfed Central and Eastern Europe. He studied Chemistry at the elite University of Sciences in Budapest, but his sophomore year was interrupted by the Hungarian uprising of 1956. After it was put down by the Soviet Army, he escaped to Vienna, and soon made his way to the U.S. He is a Professor of Physiology & Biophysics at the University of California at Irvine, a position he has held since 1980. His recent publications have been on colored proteins similar to the visual pigment of the eye.

Janos has traveled extensively with his wife, Brigitte, all around the globe, searching out different lands, cultures, and peoples. He regards photographic art, like scientific investigation, as means to understand the world and our place, as humans, in it.

To view more of his work, visit Janos' website: www.janosklanyi.com

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