In these photographs, I am interested in Nature as metaphor for the human condition. How does Nature reveal to us who we are and our connection to time and place? By abstracting Nature into more simplified, flat forms, I am seeking to shift reality, revealing a more haunting and magical space in between… a world I imagine without time or sound, save the beat of some universal, infinite heart, where Nature and Human Nature blur into one existence. I want to capture those frozen moments and places that could just as easily be the personification of our own inner landscape, our own tragic and joyous human condition being reflected back to us.

Charley Star is an actress and self-taught artist/photographer living in Los Angeles. Her work centers on themes of intimacy and connection, and is an attempt to personify and explore the inner topography of the human psyche. She writes a blog at and is also a children’s lifestyle photographer.

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761