Dear dozing marrow, the fox tracks move now inside

The snow. That other life of trapdoors collapse below our feet.
We resemble what dumbly swarms March into branches, into rain.
Dear our constant giving over, what does not sit does not
Stand does not refuse cannot be kept or killed. Dear grackle, stand,
Hold out your flexed wing: under the crewel of nerves, person of
Lace and preen, begin your red vessels over, integument over, white
Land of suet floating in the throat stay down stay over tonight.
Dear frost-scorched winter, the quiet of sleep fills our mouths
With meadow. Bird, give us something enormous—

Those are stars above us.

Natalie Eilbert lives in Manhattan and is currently pursuing her MFA in poetry from Columbia University. She has been published or has work forthcoming in DIAGRAM, Western Humanities Review, and Folly Magazine. (

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761