M Removes a Tumor

Violet, Violetócome here and watch,
come and stand beside me in the operating

room, while I scoop the failed tissue from
the sinew, dark, a tiny furious storm tucked

between joint and muscle, snake the thread through
and through the milkerís just-made wound.

The cow, so quiet, look at her eyes. Look
at the damp tears, the fearless

tremble, the pain for only pain. Look at her
calmness, propped on her side, her ribcage

tremendous: like airbags, prepared.
Look at your flank, see there the flesh

I would have excised to keep
you whole, to keep those light eyes

fixed on mine, as Iíd wield the smallest,
sharpest blade. We could dump the cell waste

in the Capeís bent elbow, live our lives
scraped clean, healed under my wanting palms.

Rachel Mennies received her MFA in poetry from Penn State. Her poetry has appeared recently, or will soon, in Alaska Quarterly Review, Indiana Review, and DIAGRAM. (www.rachelmennies.com)

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761