Cali Free - Softer, by Kobina Wright

Kobina Wright is a second generation Southern California native with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications (Journalism concentration) from California State University, Fullerton. She has written for publications such as, CYH Magazine and LACMA Magazine. The author of several books which include, Growth Spurt; 50; Raise the Red Teddy: A Single Mother's Guide to Dating;and A Crime And A Simplification Of Something Sublime, she is also an active artist. In 2004 she attempted her most ambitious and evolving work by creating the Hodaoa-Anibo language and wrote the first Hodaoa-Anibo dictionary. Her art series include: "Fractured," "Cali Free," "Eleven Twenty-Three Girl" and most recently, "Kobiphysics." On April 27th 2012 she hosted an art show titled, Kobiphysics: An Art Show, where all the work from the show was inspired by physics formulas developed by ancient and modern physicists. For more of her art and writing, visit her blog: "The Wrighter" (

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