Water Street Elegy

O, Potomac                       o, dirty                 o, constant
reviser. How sky forgets, scours even

our eulogies back to water, back
to muck, to dirt. Flotsam, whiskey flask, and waterbird

lilt alike on river's filthy curl.
Bones quiet under elms' ignorant shimmer.

June nods yes. Summer
keeps on walking.

Anemochory:    balloon,    wing,    plume:
the world           loves still

to give, despite itself, its grief.

Leah Silvieus is a poet and interdisciplinary artist whose work has been featured at the O, Miami Poetry Festival and at the Asian American Women Artists Association in San Francisco. She also has received grants and fellowships from Fulbright, Kundiman, US Poets in Mexico, and the Voices of Our Nation Arts Foundation. Her writing has been featured in Asian American Poetry & Writing, CURA, The Collagist, and diode, among others. Currently, she divides her time between Florida and New York where she works in the yacht hospitality industry. (leahsilvieus.wordpress.com)

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761