crucified to terrorize
murders of crows
in planted fields, scarecrows
know the savagery of corn leaves
that flail at their thin trousers
in every wind that stirs
the constant growth they shepherd-
they suffer the slap of dark wings
on burlap faces blinding
painted eyes and talons piercing
straw shoulders - mocked
constantly by dark bird calls
circling above-
they stand with backs wooden straight
straw arms outstretched in vain -
dressed in charitable clothes
their dark coats catch the wind
like lone black sails
in a vicious sea of green
rudderless and drifting
waiting out their season
their cross their only anchor

Joseph A. Farina practices Law in his hometown of Sarnia, Ontario. His poetry has appeared in the Alberta Poetry Yearbook,(1969) and in the newsletter of the Association of Italian Canadian Writers. He won second prize in the Sarnia Observer "My Hometown" contest for his essay "My New Home Town." Several of his poems have been published in Greenís Magazine, Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, Ascent, and in The Tower Poetry Magazine. and appear in the recently published anthology Witness from Serengeti Press and in the anthology Sweet Lemons Writings with a Sicilian Accent. His work in progress The Cancer Chronicles has been published by Serengeti Press this past April. (farinlaw@xcelco.on.ca)

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