Ya; know It’s funny after all o’ dat
de Christ of Faith
May be more accessible
That is, gettable to,
Than the Jesus who was here.

Dey’re all around who He wuz.
The thinkers.
One out at St. Paul thinks Heez K. Marx.
One at Oxford sayz Heez like ol’ Rabbi Hilllel.
De Lord only knows who He’el next come to be.
Because da writer’s of the Gospels didn’t care.
And history, on paper, or in stones and pots,
Is what it is.

But dis other idear, Christos.
De Trinity. De two men and de boid.
You can wonder at that, you can feel somethin’.
You can fill in de holes by wanting
You can believe somethin that
Can make you gasp and cry.

Harold Lorin has published numerous books and articles in computer science and technology where he has made his primary career. His stories and poetry appear in numerous ezines and are included in published anthologies. Favorite color is green. Favorite writers(currently) are Conrad, Coetze, and Kundera. Favorite painters are Matisse, Mark Roth, and Memling. He thinks the obelisk in Central Park is the known center of the universe and New York City is the Holy Jerusalem of Revelations. He is married to the Woman of All Time. (hal.lorin@gmail.com)

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761