Boxcar Poetry Review - Issue 8
      In this issue we explore a variety of departures, memories fond and otherwise, death, fate, and the complexities of human love -- familial and romantic. There is sorrow and hope, humor as well. It's precisely this blend of human experience and linguistic beauty that I'm confident my late father would have approved. We are to some degree defined by absences. In the wake of my father's passing this past month, I wish to dedicate this issue to him.
      We are pleased to feature the haunting landscapes of Arthur Westover, a review of Sally Ball's Annus Mirabilis, and an interview with Oliver de la Paz conducted recently by Diana Park.
      All paths forward are ringed with darkness -- so writes Arthur in his caption for "Walkway" and it seems these words echo throughout this issue.

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761