Boxcar Poetry Review seeks top quality poetry, artwork, photography, interviews, and reviews. Due to increased workloads in our non-Boxcar lives, we have switched to a quarterly format (well, sometimes it's only 3 times a year).


Send us 3-5 previously unpublished poems. Simultaneous submissions ok. Please wait for a response before sending a second submission.

Poetry submissions are currently closed. Please try again in May 2021. Thanks for your patience.


Reviews should engage the text (ie. close reading) and may either be academic or personal in their nature (read Julija Sukys' excellent guide to writing a book review). Reviews from 500-1500 words are preferred. The best reviews are specific, evocative, and balanced. Include a brief bio in the text of your email. Please note that we only take reviews of first books of poetry (no chapbooks).

To submit a review of a first book of poetry: click here

To apply to be a reviewer (we'll arrange review copies to be sent to you): click here

To request a review for a first book of poetry: click here

To send a review copy directly to us, please use the following address.

Neil Aitken
First Book Reviews
Boxcar Poetry Review
90 Plant Crescent
Regina, SK S4N 5C3


We find the most interesting interviews are conversations between poets who already have some familiarity with each other. As with the reviews, our focus is on poets who have recently published their first book. Most of our interviews are solicited, but if you have an interview you'd like to propose, please contact us at and indicate "INTERVIEW" in the header. Once it's done, send it here (submit a completed interview/conversation). We're also opening up the format for these interviews. I'm interested in interviewing new authors on their first books of poetry, whether for an audio format or a video format. If you've got sound or video editing experience and want to help out, let me know.

art & photography

We are currently seeking art and photography to use in upcoming issues of Boxcar Poetry Review. Please send 3-5 images for review via Submishmash - use this link to submit art Include a brief bio in the text of your email and an artist's statement (if you wish). If accepted, we may request a larger and/or uncompressed version.

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