Boxcar Poetry Review - Issue 16
  This issue veers into the sensual, turning the city and the body into lyrical terrain. Often mysterious, these poems take us all over the map - from a triptych of Bergman films to a reply to Saint Francis to midnight phone calls from strangers. To these we add a wonderful conversation between first book poets Aaron Baker and Cecily Parks where land and lyric surface again.
  Ron Moss's photographs blend the ideas of structure, nature, and quietude. New reviews appear as well: Katie Manning looks at Leigh Ann Couch's Houses Fly Away, Joe Gallagher responds to Kevin McFadden's Hardscrabble, and Gregg Mosson offers us another double review, this time examining the ties between Patric Pepper's Temporary Apprehensions and Josh Rathkamp's Some Nights No Cars at All.

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761