Boxcar Poetry Review - Issue 22

In this issue the body is everywhere. Death and immortality. Vipers, rings, accidents, and awakenings. Poems bleed into each other. We are visited again and again by the ghosts of memory. Things are broken, stolen, and returned. The body is a line, a shadow, and turning in a field.
    To these wonderful poems we add Oscar Villaneuva's haunting images of stillness in late summer and winter. Ken L. Walker offers an insightful review of Carey Salerno's Shelter. And finally, we explore the danger of desire through a deliciously rich conversation between two excellent first book poets, Jericho Brown and James Allen Hall.
    As a final note, beginning in 2010 Boxcar Poetry Review will be moving to a quarterly format with occasional periods where submissions will be closed. Due to increased demands on time (teaching, PhD exams and dissertation, and real-life) it's simply become impossible to keep up the bi-monthly rate of publication. We are also temporarily closing poetry submissions while we get caught up -- as soon as the backlog has been cleared, we will re-open submissions. Thank you all for your patience!

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761