Boxcar Poetry Review - Issue 25

Fall. The end of summer and the beginning of cooler days. Nights lengthen. We turn again to books and work. In this issue: lessons, learning, and discovery of the world. Fortune tellers and shells. Radio. Funerals. The body - tortured, recovered, longed for, and lost. Theology and deer. There is fire, grace, and belief. Also sorrow. Also guns.
    With fall comes for many a return to school. Our own beloved art editor, An Xiao is one of the many who have done so. Sadly she will be leaving her editorial duties at Boxcar in order to dedicate herself to her courses. In lieu of artwork, this month's photography is (shamefully) from our own editor, Neil Aitken. Our winter issue will return to showcasing the work of others. We hope to introduce our new art & photography editor at that time.
    This issue also rounds out with two wonderful conversations: Gary L. McDowell and Traci Brimhall discuss their respective first books and the processes which took them from start to finish; and in the second, Tomás Q. Morin interviews first book poet Robin Ekiss about many things, including slicing meat for Al Roker and her fascination with the 19th century migratory transient known as "The Leatherman."

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761