Boxcar Poetry Review - Issue 31

Steeped in the language and mystery of the body, Issue 31 rolls in late but not forgotten with powerful poems, haunting images, and captivating interviews and reviews. We wrestle with God, with ourselves, with the twin enormities of love and death, with hope and betrayal. We find union in the anxieties of this existence, a shared fear of flying, a sense of being lost. In the fading light of autumn, we encounter something of what it is to be human here, between seasons, between places, between who and what we think are.

To these poems, we add An Xiao Mina's quiet haiku-like spaces, three terrific conversations between first book poets (Nicky Beer & Shara Lessley, Matthew Hittinger & Christopher Hennessy, and Justin Petropoulos & Emma Trelles), and a lovely review of Austin MacRae's The Organ Builder by Katherine Hoerth.

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761