Boxcar Poetry Review - Issue 36

We greet the close of the year with an array of contemplations on death and beginnings, bodies in motion, the winged departure of birds, and a myriad other ways in which we say goodbye or start over again. Hurt, pain, understanding, and healing. The rain. The geese. Bruce Lee's fist.

We are excited to feature three new reviews and the very wintery and beautiful photography of Randi Ward. Katherine Hoerth returns in this issue to examine the haunting landscape of Natalie Giarratano's Leaving Clean. Frank Montesonti explores the neighborhood captured in Carrie Oeding's Our List of Solutions. And Michelle McMillan-Holifield guides us through the strange and wonderful world of Sara Eliza Johnson's Bone Map.

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Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761