Boxcar Poetry Review - Issue 40

We're squeaking in just under the wire to celebrate the last of 2018 and look forward with excitement as 2019 begins. Whether you're reading this as fireworks flare and dazzle in the night sky, or coming across this in the light of the new year, we wish you all the very best. New beginnings. New resolutions. New efforts to create our own work and to honor the work of others. Thanks for being with us on this journey.

We close the year with our 40th issue — an issue that's perhaps a little sparer in places than some of other issues, but still one filled with remarkable poetry, unexpected beauty, terrible loss, and wonder.

This issue orbits grief and witness. Here we encounter flowers in fingerprints, excavations and burials, a litany of what we leave or cannot leave behind, unfathomable violence and its aftermath, and loss after loss, grief after grief, and finally a goodbye. We have reviews and interviews in the pipeline, but not quite ready for this issue.

We'll be at AWP 2019 in Portland. More info coming soon.

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Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761