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First Books - Recently Received

Baggott, Julianna. Compulsions of Silkworms & Bees. 2007
Gailey, Jeannine Hall. Becoming the Villainess. 2006
Hilles, Rick. Brother Salvage. 2006
Long, Alexander. Vigil. 2006
Vance, David Ray. Vitreous 2007

First Books - Seeking Reviews

Ali, Kazim. The Far Mosque. 2005
Amirthanayagam, Indran. The Elephants of Reckoning. 1993 (second book forthcoming)
Baranow, Joan. Living Apart. 1999
Barker, Brian. The Animal Gospels. 2006
Bever, Lillias. Bellini in Istanbul. 2005
Blevins, Adrian. The Brass Girl Brouhaha. 2003
Buchsbaum, Julianne. Slowly, Slowly, Horses. 2001
Calvocoressi, Gabrielle. The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart: Poems. 2005
Campbell, Erik. Arguments for Stillness. 2006
Canaday, John. The Invisible World. 2002
Colombik, Roger. A Quiet Divide. 2006
Constantine, Brendan. Dante's Casino. 1999
Craft, Kevin. Solar Prominence. 2006
Daniels, Gannon. The Occupying Water. 2001
de la Paz, Oliver. Names Above Houses. 2001 (second book forthcoming)
Downe, Susan. Little Horse. 2004
Fox, Sarah. Because, Why. 2006
Franco, Gina. The Keepsake Storm. 2004
Gambito, Sarah. Matadora. 2004
Greenwood, Catherine. The Pearl King and Other Poems. 2004
Hannah, Sarah. Longing Distance. 2004
Hignauer, Lilah. Dark Under Kiganda Stars. 2005
Hogden, John. Grace. 2006
Johnson, Kimberly. Leviathan with a Hook: Poems. 2002
Jordan, Judy. Carolina Ghost Woods. 2000
Keniston, Ann. The Caution of Human Gestures. 2005
Khanna, Vandana. Train to Agra. 2001
Kim, Suji Kwock. Notes from the Divided Country. 2003
Lehr, Genevieve. The Sorrowing House. 2004
Lem, Carol. Shadow of the Plum. 2002
Liebling, Jeffrey. Wherehoused Away in the Home of the Brave. 2003
Maclay, Sarah. Whore. 2004
Marcum, Carl. Cue Lazarus. 2001
Mathias, Louise. Lark Apprentice. 2004
Mathys, Ted. Forge. 2005
Mehmedinovic, Semezdin. Sarajevo Blues. 1998
Mikhail, Dunya. The War Works Hard. 2005
Nagami, Heather. Hostile. 2005
Natal, Jim. In the Bee Trees. 2000
Nezhukumatathil, Aimee. Miracle Fruit. 2003
Park, Ishle Yi. The Temperature of This Water. 2003
Perales, Angel. Brown Recluse. 2002
Pero, Alice. Thawed Stars. 1999
Pineda, Jon. Birthmark. 2004
Popoff, Georgia A. Coaxing Nectar from Longing. 1997
Realuyo, Bino A. The Gods We Worship Live Next Door. 2006
Roderick, David. Blue Colonial. 2006
Rosal, Patrick. Uprock Headspin Scramble and Dive. 2003
Rossi, Lee. Ghost Diary. 2003
Sendecki, Daniel. Strange Currencies. 2003
Seymour, David. Inter Alia. 2005
Shenoda, Matthew. Somewhere Else. 2005
Sterle, Francine. Every Bird is One Bird. 2001
Tagami, Jeff. October Light. 1987
Tatter, Janice Krasselt. Remembering the Truth. 2006
Taylor, Chuck. Heterosexual: A Love Story. 2006
Taylor, Sam. The Body of the Wind. 2005
Turner, Brian. Here, Bullet. 2005
Volkman, Karen. Spar. 2002
Wang, Ping. The Magic Whip. 2003
Whalley, Karen. The Rented Violin. 2003
Wilson, Paul. The Long Landscape. 1999
Winch, Terence. The Drift of Things. 2001
Wolpe, Sholeh. The Scar Saloon. 2004
Wong, Rita. Monkeypuzzle. 1999
Woon, Koon. The Truth in Rented Rooms. 1998
Yurdana, Matt. Public Gestures. 2005

First Books - Review Pending

Guest, Paul. The Resurrection of the Body and the Ruin of the World. 2003 (second book forthcoming)

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