Boxcar Poetry Review - Issue 18

Artifact and ekphrastic. Icon and epic. We begin the new year and our 18th issue of Boxcar with poems that take inspiration from image and rendition. A beer sign, a pair of socks, a scrap of paper, a snowflake. We encounter Diego Rivera and Caravaggio. Penelope speaks. A girl collapses a universe.

Horizons and storms. Charley Star's photographs place us at narrow band of light where any can happen. Kristina Marie Darling take us deeper into the unknown, exploring the conflation of Augustine and Ursula with the technologized world in her review of Darcie Dennigan's Corinna, A-Maying the Apocalypse.

Finally, we are proud to start 2009 with a wonderful interview with Ilya Kaminsky conducted by Brian Leary and Diana Park.

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761