Boxcar Poetry Review - Issue 32

Our first issue of 2013 is full of reminiscence and looking back. The passing of fathers, the rewinding of time, remnants of childhood, and memories and geographies of love and loss. Reanimated roadkill, liturgical turns, unexpected transformations, and like the lead poem, a constant sense of return, a cycling back on ourselves. It's been seven years and 32 issues, and we're as proud as ever of these fine poems and wonderful interviews, conversations, and reviews.

   Accompanying the poetry in this issue, is a terrific conversation between Nick Courtright and Joshua Young, as well as a great interview with Nicole Terez Dutton by David Winter. The lively collages of print and color that complement the work for this issue come from Kobina Wright, a southern Californian writer and artist.

Boxcar Poetry Review - ISSN 1931-1761