Critique Service ($25/poem)

Do you have a poem which could use a fresh set of eyes? Looking for detailed feedback that goes beyond line breaks and spellchecking? Interested in digging a little deeper into the poem, but not certain where to start? Or perhaps just looking for advice as to where to send it?

Our new critique service provides you with the following:

1. A 2-3 page single-spaced written critique of your poem, with attention not only to line breaks, form, sound, imagery, and figurative language -- but also the rhetorical approach of the piece.

2. Comments and questions which open up another level of exploration -- rather than rewriting the poem for you, we will point out the opportunities which your current poem is introducing and suggest possible ways of making use of those openings .

3. Highlighting of weak phrasing and images, as well as explanations as to why these might not be serving the poem.

4. Recommended reading which might assist you with this type of poem or subject matter.

5. A list of possible markets and journals to approach with a revised version of the poem.

Payment accepted through PayPal (bank and credit cards ok). Email your poem with "CRITIQUE" in the subject line to poetryhelp@boxcarpoetry.com.

Disclaimer    In order to prevent any conflict of interest, this service will not be available for any poem currently under consideration at Boxcar Poetry Review. Furthermore, use of this service does not directly guarantee or imply future acceptance (ie. this is not quid pro quo). However, the feedback and suggestions provided should enable most writers to improve their chances of publication anywhere. Our intent is to assist writers serious about their craft in strengthening their individual poems as well as their overall writing approach.

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